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FlowLogic offers a suite of powerful analysis tools in a clean and intuitive layout. Designed for speed and stability with the aim of saving you time. This comes in the form of analysis templates offering ‘instant analyses’, a range of automated ‘one-click’ analysis tools and the capacity to handle and visualise thousands of files, all at once.

Gates, heatmaps, graphs, statistics and reports are all linked. Adjust a gate and everything updates in real-time.

Cross platform compatibility means just that. Start your analysis in Windows, save, then open in macOS or Linux. Easy As.

For those familiar with FlowLogic, version 8 now comes with in-built, end-to-end cluster analysis featuring:
           – reproducible, fast clustering
           – with auto-phenotyping
           – auto-hierarchical gating for cluster validation
           – finger-print searching

There is also QCLogic, allowing a quality assessment of your files with an optimal event extraction based on flow rate and fluorescence signal. Plus, we have expanded the regression analysis in GraphLogic into an EC50/IC50 drug discovery package.

Speed and performance? There is no file size or complexity limit – only what your computer wants to handle. We can guide you on the best setup if you want a heatmap with 50,000 samples, of if your analysis contains over a billion events.

Key features:

  • PlateLogic with auto-heatmaps
  • Integrated multiplex analysis
  • EC50/IC50 drug discovery tools
  • QC assessment
  • Analysis templatesinstant analyses
  • QC reporting and data optimisation
  • Integrated multiplex analysis with BeadLogic
  • Flexibility for the user, e.g., pptx and xlsx exports
  • Proliferation analysis
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Index sort analysis
  • Auto-titration analysis
  • Auto-compensation

And then there’s the specific support for MQD files, such as the instantaneous loading of MACSQuantify gates in FlowLogic and the option to display volumetric statistics on your plots.


Simply cheaper


Who doesn’t like saving money? We say we’re more affordable than our competitors.

But if we’re not, we guarantee to beat any genuine, equivalent quote by 10%.

Not only that, but our floating licensing offers the ultimate flexibility. Want annual, perpetual? Do you want dongles?

Talk to us to see what we can offer whether you’re an individual, member of a small group or a platform manager for a large institute.

There’s nothing to lose, so find out what we can offer you!


Simply Australian


Here’s where we’re different. It’s all about value. It’s knowing there’s someone there when you need them.

Have a basic question, or want help creating complex templates?

No worries! Our friendlyapproachable team is here for you.

Here are just some of the ways we can make your job easier:

  • Introductory seminars, demonstrations, personalised videos, videoconferences
  • Individual or small group tele-training
  • Assisted template and workflow development
  • Troubleshooting, such as FCS and MQD file assessment

Have a suggestion about how something should work? Have UI customisation or feature requests? We’re listening

Designed and built in Australia. Used around the globe in some of the world’s leading companies and institutes.

So why not put us to the test?



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