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Geza Paukovics


Geza Paukovics Dip Med Cytopathol, B Med Lab Sci

Since 1991, Mr Paukovics has been heavily involved in the field of flow cytometry, both as a research assistant (1991-1997) and flow cytometry core facility manager at the Burnet Institute (1997-2021).

For over 20+ years, Mr Paukovics was the Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP), Flow Cytometry Core Manager. AMREP (now rebranded as Alfred Research Alliance, ARA) incorporates a large number of research institutes and universities, including BakerIDI, Burnet Institute, Monash Central Medical School, Monash Immunology and Pathology Departments to name a few, catering for over 250+ research clients.

AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility offered unparalleled education and training programmes as well as experimental design and protocol guidance. One of AMREPFlow's SOPs were highlighted as a golden standard in an ISAC SRL newsletter (https://archive.org/details/soplsrii/mode/2up). AMREPFlow operated at very high standards. It was included in the beta testing of the ISAC Shared Resource Lab (SRL) programme (global ISAC recognition of SRLs operating at exceptionally high quality standards) and was in the process of gaining accreditation before the facility was transitioned to new management.

At the height of operations, the facility had 15+ instruments, including 4 sorting platforms (2x BD Aria, one located in a PC3 environment, 1x BD InFlux and 1x BD Fusion) numerous analysis platforms, including CytoFlex (BC), CantoII, LSRII, Fortessa, X-20 (BD), Aurora (Cytek), and an Imaging Flow Cytometer AMNIS ImageStream MkII (Luminex).

Although the facility now operates under a different banner, management and website, the original website has been preserved by the Burnet Institute as a global educational resource and SOP repository. To visit the website please follow this link.


In 2019, Mr Paukovics was nominated, with a letter of support from Prof. Suzanne Crowe AM as a candidate for the Australasian Cytometry Society's (ACS) highest accolade. After an independent peer panel review, Geza was recognised and awarded the ACS Career Recognition Award for his pioneering work in establishing infectious PC3 sorting platforms in Australia, his leadership in changing the culture of recognition received by shared resource laboratory staff in research and emphasis on quality research outputs, and his mentorship of many people who have gone on to become emerging national and international leaders of shared resource laboratories. (In 2019 over 50% of recognised ISAC Emerging Leaders from Australia, hailed from his AMREPFlow core facility). This reflects not only an ability to impart technical knowledge and understanding of science, but an ability to foster a lifelong engagement with the field of cytometry. Mr Paukovics has provided and facilitated service to the society over many years, including local organising committees, workshops and cytometry education seminars. Geza has been a co-author on numerous publications and has over 1000+ citations.

(Mr Paukovics, would like to acknowledge expert historical mentorship, education, guidance and support from Prof. Suzanne Crowe, A/Prof. Paul Cameron, Prof. Sharon Lewin, Dr. Frank Battye and Dr. Steven Hunter)


ACS Award pic (with Prof. Matt Linden ACS president)

Mr. Paukovics has been an indirect scientific advisor to Inivai-FlowLogic Software for over 10 years. In 2022 he joined the FlowLogic team in an official capacity as a Casual Scientific, Technical Advisor and Representative.

Research & Development Team

Vittorio Cordioli leads our Software Engineering team at FlowLogic. Vittorio graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor Degree in Science (Major in Plant Biotechnology, Minor in Statistics) and also holds a Master of Information Technology degree from Central Queensland University.