Tech Specs


Operating Systems All Operating Systems supporting Java 1.8 or newer (including Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix)
Plot Types Dot, Density, Histogram ,Psuedo-Color, Contour, Kinetic, Combinations
Graph Displays Area, Height, Width, Area, Time, Percentage
Data Representation Linear, Log, LogScaled
Standard Gating Types Hierarchical gating – Polygon, Rectangle, Histogram Marker, Flexible Quadrant, Ellipse
Boolean Gating Types NOT, OR, AND, AND NOT, XOR
Statistics Package % Parent, % Total, % Selected, Median, Mean, Geometric Mean, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Robust Coefficient of Variation, Robust Standard Deviation, MQD Volumetric Statistics
Import Formats FCS data files: FCS 2.0, FCS 3.0, FCS 3.1, LMD, LXB, MQD
Export Formats Data (XML), Statistics (CSV, Excel), Graphics (Raster: JPEG, PNG; Vector: SVG,PDF,PS,EPS)

Just a few things you should know:

  • You will need a licence to use FlowLogic. Register here for your free trial.
  • You need at least Java 14 installed first.
  • If you have a brand-spanking new Mac, FlowLogic also supports the Apple M1 chip! For setup information for Apple Macs with the M1 processor, check out our FAQ here.

Of course our Windows version works great on Windows 7, 8 and 10.