“I have been using FlowLogic for about 4 years and I really like the fact it is a logically organised software with a lot of automated features, e.g. TitrateLogic and CompLogic, which simplifies flow data analysis work with good accuracy. Plus, the application support from Inivai is always swift so that we can do troubleshooting in a timely manner.”


Bangwen Xie, PhD
GSK Flow Cytometry Expert and Co-chair of GSK Cytometry Community

FlowLogic is a powerful software that meets all our needs that could not be accommodated by our existing instrument software. It has streamlined our data analysis and reporting process, enabling our lab to smoothly handle an ever-increasing workload. The technical support is unlike any other, exceedingly accommodating and patient with every issue and learning curve question we have. I highly recommend FlowLogic!
​Jennifer McKie, MT(ASCP), CHS(ABHI)
​Living Donor Histocompatibility Coordinator, Team Leader
LifeLink® Transplantation Immunology Laboratory
“FlowLogic plays a critical part in my research. I can confidently describe it as the smartest flow analysis tool available. Fast, extremely efficient and user-friendly, this software offers a 3 in 1 platform which allows end users to perform analyses statistics and report writing all the same time. The software is the ultimate analysis software for flow cytometry at the price of an antibody. FlowLogic provides great flexibility in choosing parameters, advanced functions and formats leading to remarkable graphics for publication quality figures. This robust yet affordable analyses tool meets all users’ requirements through flexible virtual licencing and outstanding technical and customer support. I highly recommend FlowLogic for both long and short-term flow cytometry research projects.”

Wafa Khamri Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Imperial College London UK