FlowLogic Annual Precinct Subscription


FlowLogic Annual Precinct Subscription

The Annual Precinct Subscription is a 12-month subscription for a given precinct, which can be an entire university campus or company site. It allows all employees and students at that precinct to run the latest version of FlowLogic for as long as the subscription is maintained.

The Annual Precinct Subscription provides effort-free implementation for the purchaser. Once subscribed, the end user simply emails us at hello@flowlogic.software to request a licence. We will create an account using their email address as their new username.

A precinct subscription licence cannot follow the end user if they cease being employed or enrolled at the subscribed site. Inivai Technologies reserves the right to delete accounts if the email address used in the registration of accounts cannot be verified.

*The Annual Precinct Subscription must be defined. We will contact you to discuss these terms after purchase, else contact us first.


Product Features:

  1. QC (Quality Control)
  2. ClusterLogic (Clustering Algorithm)
  3. TitrateLogic (Auto Titration)
  4. CompLogic (Auto Compensation)
  5. GraphLogic (Graphing and Workspace)
  6. DocLogic (Export PowerPoint .PPTX format)
  7. BeadLogic (Bead analysis)


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