FlowLogic Perpetual Licence


FlowLogic Perpetual Licence

The Perpetual Licence is valid for a major version release (including all updates for that version) and does not expire. A Perpetual Licence purchased within 12 months of a major version release will qualify for a free upgrade to the new FlowLogic version. To upgrade an older Perpetual Licence, a Perpetual Licence Upgrade is required.

To use a Perpetual Licence, create a FlowLogic account and add the licence code to your account. The perpetual code will be associated with one username. It can be used on one computer at a time but can be released remotely for use in a different computer.

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Product Features:

  1. QC (Quality Control)
  2. ClusterLogic (Clustering Algorithm)
  3. TitrateLogic (Auto Titration)
  4. CompLogic (Auto Compensation)
  5. GraphLogic (Graphing and Workspace)
  6. DocLogic (Export PowerPoint .PPTX format)
  7. BeadLogic (Bead analysis)


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